Caddis Reading Glasses - Milkos Matte Black Design


Milkos Matte Black Design Reading Glasses by Caddis

Possibly the one model that has the largest audience when it comes to fit. It’s like the elastic waist pant of eyewear…which is really degrading to the Miklos, but we’re just trying to make a point. People with larger faces like the thickness of the frames, and how solid they feel. Customers with smaller faces also like wearing a frame that stands out. Just depends on what you’re into. We’ve also taken liberty to engrave “Port” over the left eye, and “Starboard” over the right eye. It’s a boat thing. Not a yacht thing.

Lens Length: 52mm
Lens Height: 39mm
Frame Bridge: 20mm
Frame Temple (Arm): 145mm
Glasses Length: 143mm

$10 postage. Free shipping on orders over $150.

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