Crayon Fields, The - All the Pleasures Of the World (Deluxe Edition) (Color Vinyl)

The Crayon Fields

The Crayon Fields - All the Pleasures Of the World (Deluxe Edition) (Galaxy Swirl Coloured Vinyl)

With its loping bass lines, swooning strings and eerie, hypnotic harmonies, All The Pleasures Of The World quickly assumed the status of a 21st century indie classic. The initial vinyl run sold out very quickly, and for the last decade fans have been harrassing the band for a repress.

Crayon Fields have gone one step beyond, with newly penned liner notes from frontman Geoffrey O’Connor as well as Melbourne novelist/scriptwriter Anna Barnes (Content). The first pressing is in blue/green “galaxy swirl” coloured vinyl.


  1. Mirror Ball
  2. Voice of Paradise
  3. All The Pleasures Of The World
  4. Timeless
  5. Celebrate
  6. Graceless
  7. Where The Light Isn't Cruel
  8. Disappear
  9. Lucky Again
  10. You Could Wind Up Anywhere

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