Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry (Vinyl)

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry (2 x Vinyl) (+ download code)

Wolf Parade are back! 'Cry Cry Cry' is undeniably Wolf Parade - but with the renewed focus and creativity of a band that took the time to get exactly where they needed to be.

The album takes the best parts of what makes Wolf Parade so uniquely electric - the soaring choruses, rousing anthems, sprawling guitars, and chaotic keys - and finds a way to allow the best compositionally prog elements a firm seat at the table.


  1. Lazarus Online
  2. You're Dreaming
  3. Valley Boy
  4. Incantation
  5. Files on the Sun
  6. Baby Blue
  7. Weaponized
  8. Who Are Ya
  9. Am I An Alien here
  10. Artificial Life
  11. King of Piss and Paper

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