Blood Orange ‎- Cupid Deluxe (Vinyl)

Blood Orange

Blood Orange ‎- Cupid Deluxe 2LP (Vinyl)

Cupid Deluxe follows Dev Hynes' debut as Blood Orange in 2011 with Coastal Grooves. Since that album's release, Hynes has written and produced music for Solange, Sky Ferreira, MKS, and more. Cupid Deluxeshows a more expansive aural palate than its predecessor, while retaining the pop sensibilities that Hynes has showcased since his days in Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion.

Simply put, Cupid Deluxe perfectly highlights why Dev Hynes has become one of the most exhilarating and prolific voices creating music today.


    1. Chamakay
    2. You're Not Good Enough
    3. Uncle Ace
    4. No Right Thing
    5. It Is What It Is
    6. Chosen
    7. Clipped On
    8. Always Let You Down
    9. On The Line
    10. High Street
    11. Time Will Tell

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