Cooke, Sam - Ain't That Good News (Vinyl Reissue)

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke - Ain't That Good News (Vinyl Reissue)

2020, 180gm Vinyl reissue.

Sam Cooke's landmark full-length Ain't That Good News, notable for being the last studio album released during his lifetime was originally released in March 1964, just nine months before Cooke's untimely passing. The album features hit songs such as "Another Saturday Night," "Ain't That Good News," "Good Times," as well as the iconic "A Change Is Gonna Come," which became an anthem for the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.


  1. (Ain't That) Good News
  2. Meet Me at Mary's Place
  3. Good Times
  4. Rome (Wasn't Built in a Day)
  5. Another Saturday Night
  6. Tennessee Waltz
  7. A Change Is Gonna Come
  8. Falling in Love
  9. Home (When Shadows Fall)
  10. Sittin' in the Sun
  11. There'll Be No Second Time
  12. The Riddle Song

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