Badalamenti, Angelo - Blue Velvet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Deluxe 2LP Marbleized Blue Coloured Vinyl) (RSD2022)


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Angelo Badalamenti - Blue Velvet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Deluxe 2LP Marbleized Blue Coloured Vinyl) (RSD2022)

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Blue Velvet is David Lynch’s unforgettable 1986 masterwork, starring Kyle MacLachlan as a curious college student, Isabella Rosselini as a tormented lounge singer, and Dennis Hopper as an emotional gas-sniffing psychopath. Blue Velvet was Lynch’s first collaboration with his longtime composer and musical partner, Angelo Badalamenti, who channels Lynch’s unique vision with a dark, moody, yet melodic score, at turns agitated and violent, soaring with sublime beauty, and hanging cool with ’50s-style jazz. The long available single LP has been expanded by 60 minutes to a 2 LP Deluxe Edition with the addition of the famous 1963 recording of “Blue Velvet,” performed by Bobby Vinton as well as previously unreleased film cues, alternates and outtakes entitled “Lumberton Firewood.” Although Blue Velvet was scored more traditionally than later Lynch projects, the director and composer intended many tracks to be merely “firewood,” their term for raw orchestral sonorities to be edited and manipulated into sound design by the director. The Deluxe Edition packaging features liner notes by Tim Greiving, incorporating new interviews with David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, Kyle MacLachlan, and producer Fred Caruso. The cover features the original 1986 Italian movie poster art designed by Enzio Sciotti.



  1. Main Titles (From the Motion Picture "Blue Velvet")
  2. Night Streets / Sandy And Jeffrey
  3. Frank
  4. Jeffrey’s Dark Side
  5. Mysteries Of Love
  6. Frank Returns
  7. Mysteries Of Love
  8. Blue Velvet / Blue Star - Montage
  9. Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down To Lincoln
  10. Sound Effects Suite
  11. Akron Meets The Blues
  12. Blue Velvet
  13. Honky Tonk Part I
  14. In Dreams
  15. Love Letters
  16. Mysteries Of Love


  1. Alcron Meets The Blues
  2. Lumberton U.S.A. Radio Ad
  3. Timpo
  4. Ribbon Scissor
  5. Going Down To Lincoln
  6. Organs And Sirens
  7. Sandy And Jeffery
  8. Dorothy Alone
  9. Mount Frank’s Eruption aka Frank (Film Version Without Clarinet)
  10. Sloe Club Boys
  11. High Gentle Memories
  12. Stalking Out
  13. Yellow Man
  14. Sandy And Jeffrey
  15. Ominously Yours II
  16. Ominously Yours IV
  17. Organ (Version 3) / Mysteries Of Love
  18. Organ Toots And Sirens
  19. Cue 61A
  20. Cue 05
  21. Cue 09
  22. Cue 09A
  23. Cue 13
  24. Cue 16
  25. Cue 21 & 24
  26. Cue 27
  27. Cue 36
  28. Cue 46
  29. Cue 48
  30. Cue 50
  31. Cue 56
  32. Cue 65 PT
  33. Cue D
  34. Cue 65

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