Reznor & Atticus Ross, Trent - Watchmen Volume 2 (Music From The HBO Series) (Vinyl)


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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Watchmen Volume 2 (Music From The HBO Series) (Vinyl)

This release is made to look like the soundtrack album to the in-world TV show, American Hero Story: Minutemen. Very little info on the release itself is factual, as most pertains to the fictional show and its soundtrack. The real tracklisting and credits have been provided by the press card that only accompanied press copies.


  1. Trust In The Law
  2. He Was Never Here
  3. Kicked In The Balls Again
  4. A Traveller From An Antique Land
  5. Losing Face
  6. Squid Pro Quo
  7. Your Name Is Angela Abar
  8. Nostalgia Blues
  9. Pay No Attention To The Cactus
  10. Seven Years Of Bad Luck
  11. The Dark Knut Returns
  12. Ghraib Me A Terrorist
  13. Dreamland Jazz

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