Cut Worms - Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Limited Edition Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)

Cut Worms

Cut Worms - Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Limited Edition Coke Bottle Clear 2LP Vinyl)

The shopping malls have closed down, the dressing rooms are filled with ghosts, and the carousel is covered in cobwebs. Nobody Lives Here Anymore, the latest and greatest from Max Clarke as Cut Worms, is the haunted reverie of an American landscape in-and-out of Clarke's mind. Recorded between May and November 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, the album is a snow globe of the mid-twentieth-century's popular music filled with chiming guitars, honkey tonk pianos, and Telstar organs.

A loss of innocence lingers through this 80-minute opus as Clarke attempts to harbor love and meaning inside a world that sold itself out. He explores the wistfulness of the past in search of answers for tomorrow. And while his grand anthems overflow with timeless pop charm, his ability to dig deeper than lollipops and holding hands sets his work apart from the days of 45s and Top of the Pops.

    1. The Heat Is On
    2. Unnatural Disaster
    3. Last Words To A Refugee
    4. All The Roads
    1. Every Once In A While
    2. Looks Like Rain
    3. A Love So Fine
    4. Veteran's Day
    1. Sold My Soul
    2. Castle In The Clouds
    3. Baby Come On
    4. Walk With Me
    1. I Won't Get It Right
    2. Always On My Mind
    3. The Golden Sky
    4. God Bless The Day
    5. Cave of Phantoms

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Type: Vinyl

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