Furman, Ezra - Sex Education : Songs From Seasons 1&2 (Vinyl)

Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman - Sex Education : Songs From Seasons 1&2 (Vinyl)

The new Sex Education soundtrack gathers the original songs that Ezra Furman composed for the first series and the brand new second series, whilst adding tracks featured on the show that can be found on prior Furman albums such as Perpetual Motion People and Transangelic Exodus. Lining up alongside older cover versions of LCD Soundsystem's 'I Can Change' and Melanie's 'The Good Book' is a new rendition of 'Devil Or Angel', The Clovers' doo-wop jewel from 1956. It all adds up to a bumper 19-track set of Furman's trademark enthusiastic emotional catharsis.

  1. Coming Clean
  2. Love You So Bad
  3. Every Feeling
  4. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  5. Care
  6. Restless Year
  7. Early Rain
  8. La Madrugada
  9. I Can Change
  10. Amateur
  11. My Zero
  12. Good Book
  13. Body Was Made
  14. If Only the Wind Would Blow Me Away
  15. Can I Sleep in Your Brain

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Type: Vinyl

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