Ribeiro, Jess - Love Hate (Light Blue Vinyl)

Jess Ribeiro

Jess Ribeiro - Love Hate (Light Blue Vinyl)

Limited Edition!

Jess Ribeiro is a shape-shifting musical enigma. She's never been prolific (each of her albums have been separated by 3-4 years) but the near-untouchable quality of her recorded output is astonishingly consistent and the wait for new music is always worthwhile.

With 'LOVE HATE,' Ribeiro has kissed the swampy humidity of the Australian Music Prize-nominated 'Kill It Yourself' goodbye, and embraced the precise down-strokes and valve-amp hum of a very New York lineage, from the Velvets through to Blondie and Talking Heads.

Produced by Ben Edwards (Aldous Harding/Marlon Williams), it traverses the seven stages of love - capped by those lethally cool vocals for which Ribeiro is revered. 


  1. Stranger
  2. Chair Stare
  3. You Should Be With Me
  4. Young Love
  5. Goodbye Heart
  6. Cry Baby
  7. Dylan
  8. Love Is The Score Of Nothing
  9. Painkiller
  10. Spirit In White
  11. Lay Down With The Earth
  12. Crawling Back To You

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