"With its diverse edit of books, magazines, locally designed gifts, art prints and other ephemera, I think he’s totally nailed what a bookshop really needs to be these days. Chris’ single minded vision for Happy Valley is no accident – it comes from a lifetime of experience in the record industry and independent retail." - Lucy Feagins 'The Design Files'  

"Melbourne’s Chris Crouch has made his mark on the city in more ways than one. He’s the former owner of Fitzroy North’s Tramway Hotel, cult shop Polyester Records and music label Candle Records. These days, he runs Happy Valley Shop: a collection of carefully selected books, vinyl records, art and gifts. You’d be hard-pressed to find some of these products elsewhere, which is always a good thing when it comes to choosing a gift." - Time Out Magazine

"Though relatively new to the scene, Happy Valley is a store to get lost in. Featuring a carefully chosen range of new fiction, art and design, and quirky gift books, it also sells hard-to-find homewares and accessories from local and international makers. Owner Chris Crouch previously owned music store Polyester Records, and brings a similar ethos to bear here. The store is the perfect mix of cool and fun – a stylish and interesting space that offers plenty of food for thought and never feels pretentious." - Melbourne's Best Bookstores - Broadsheet