A.B. Original - Reclaim Australia (Vinyl)

A.B. Original

A.B. Original - Reclaim Australia (Vinyl)

2LP gatefold release

'Reclaim Australia' is the debut album from A.B. Original, aka Briggs and Trials.

Featuring Archie Roach, Thelma Plum, Dan Sultan, Gurrumul, Caiti Baker, Hau, Guilty Simpson & King T.


  1. Foreword (Featuring Archie Roach)
  2. 2 Black 2 Strong
  3. Call Em Out (Featuring Guilty Simpson)
  4. Dead In A Minute (Featuring Caiti Baker)
  5. January 26 (Featuring Dan Sultan)
  6. Strong Arm (Robbery)
  7. Firing Squad (Featuring Hau)
  8. Sorry (Featuring Caiti Baker)
  9. The Feast (Featuring King T)
  10. Report To The Mist
  11. I C U (Featuring Thelma Plum)
  12. Take Me Home (Featuring Gurrumul)

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Type: Vinyl

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