Austin Wintory - Journey (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (10th Anniversary Edition) (2LP Vinyl)


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Austin Wintory - Journey (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (10th Anniversary Edition) (2LP Vinyl)

Rarely does a game come along that shatters all convention, revolutionizing our perspective on what interactive entertainment is capable of. Journey, the seminal, groundbreaking and now-legendary opus from developers thatgamecompany and Santa Monica Studios and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, is a perfect expression of that. To celebrate its momentous 10th anniversary, iam8bit is ecstatic to revisit one of the very first (and best-selling) vinyl soundtracks that we minted nearly a decade ago, offering composer Austin Wintory’s passionate, evocative and emotional score on the purest quality pressing possible - 180-gram audiophile black vinyl. We can’t overstate just how immaculate and important Journey’s music is to the greater gaming echelon - a fully orchestrated masterpiece, where robust epicness is complemented by intimate solos - which is exactly why it was the very first video game album nominated for a Grammy. This is a must-have for every vinyl collection, and it’s never sounded better!



  1. Nascence
  2. The Call
  3. First Confluence
  4. Second Confluence
  5. Threshold
  6. Third Confluence
  7. The Road Of Trials
  8. Fourth Confluence
  9. Temptations
  10. Descent


  1. Fifth Confluence
  2. Atonement
  3. Final Confluence
  4. The Crossing
  5. Reclamation
  6. Nadir
  7. Apotheosis
  8. I Was Born For This

Type: Vinyl