Beaches - Second Of Spring (Vinyl)


Beaches - Second Of Spring Vinyl (2LP)

Beaches' much-loved second album She Beats brought the band international acclaim in 2013. Featuring guitar by German motorik hero Michael Rother (Neu, Harmonia), the album earned raves from Pitchfork, Stereogum, Gorilla Vs Bear, Spin and elsewhere.

Second Of Spring takes Beaches even further out, to where the pyramid meets the eye - an enveloping sonic landscape filled with extended instrumentals, overdriven psych-outs and propulsive pop nuggets.

The album was recorded in Melbourne with engineer/producer John Lee (Totally Mild, Lost Animal). Artwork is by the band's Ali McCann, with design by renowned artist Darren Sylvester.


  1. Turning
  2. Void
  3. September
  4. Be
  5. Natural Tradition
  6. Calendar
  7. Contact
  8. Divers
  9. Wine
  10. Arrow
  11. When You're Gone
  12. Golden
  13. Walk Around
  14. Bronze Age Babies
  15. Grey Colours
  16. Mothers And Daughters
  17. Mutual Delusion

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