Beck - One Foot In The Grave


Beck - One Foot In The Grave Vinyl (2 x LP)

Consisting of an exhilarating 32 tracks in total, thirteen of the extra cuts are never before released originals and alternate mixes, and the remaining three songs are from long deleted 7" singles released on K RECORDS, including an early version of "It's All In Your Mind" from 2002's supreme album "Sea Change". "One Foot in the Grave" was released in June 1994 on K Records, and was recorded by Calvin Johnson, founder of the label and proprietor of Dub Narcotic Studios.

Sessions began in the fall of 1993, a few months into the existence of Calvin's Olympia, Washington-based basement studio on a reel to reel eight track. Released with little to no initial promotion or fanfare, the record has grown from a cult favourite to one of the most highly regarded releases of the extensive Beck oeuvre, with tracks like "Hollow Log", "He's A Mighty Good Leader" and "A-----e". As Beck prolifically morphs his way into the cultural landscape, "One Foot In The Grave" returns to remind us of the troubadour life he led before "Loser" skyrocketed him into the pop-star stratosphere.


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Type: Vinyl

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