Beirut - The Flying Club Cup


Beirut - The Flying Club Cup Vinyl

The Flying Club Cup is an homage to French culture, fashion, history and music. In fact, each song is intended to evoke a different French city. The Orkestar, settled as a core group of eight full members, is now an integral part of Beirut's identity, and they have grand plans for replicating the album live. The album was recorded at the Masonic church studio owned by Arcade Fire, (populated by their many obscure instruments) and features an additional lush string sections on several tracks. Here is the further emergence of a singular musical talent - Mr Zachary F Condon, at present living in Paris - an artist unbounded by cultural borders and led wherever his heart travels.


  1. A Call To Arms
  2. Nantes
  3. A Sunday Smile
  4. Guyamas Sonora
  5. La Banlieu
  6. Cliquot
  7. The Penalty
  8. Forks And Knives (La F te)
  9. In The Mausoleum
  10. Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route)
  11. Cherbourg
  12. St. Appollonia
  13. The Flying Club Cup

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