Boomgates - Double Natural (Vinyl)


Boomgates - Double Natural (Vinyl)

Originally released in 2012, this is a new vinyl pressing of the elusive Boomgates debut album, 'Double Natural'.

Something like a mix of Big Star, Camper Van Beethoven, Towns Van Sant, The Velvet Underground, The Church and probably a heap of something else thrown in on top, Boomgates boasts members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Twerps, Dick Diver and about a million other awesome projects.


  1. Flood Plains
  2. Laymen's Terms
  3. Cows Come Home
  4. Natural Progression
  5. Cartons and Cans
  6. Whispering or Singing
  7. Hold Me Now
  8. Hanging Rock
  9. Everything
  10. Any Excuse

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Type: Vinyl

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