Byrne, Julie - Not Even Happiness

Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness Vinyl

New York-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Julie Byrne's acclaimed second album 'Not Even Happiness' has taken time to evolve, yet her power of lyrical expression and melodic nous seems inborn. The album spans the recollections of bustling roadside diners, the stars over the high desert, the aching weariness of change, the wildflowers on the coast of California and the irresolvable mysteries of love.

It archives a vivid world that would've otherwise been lost to the road and in doing so, Byrne exhibits her extraordinarily innate musicality.


  1. Follow My Voice
  2. Sleepwalker
  3. Melting Grid
  4. Natural Blue
  5. Interlude
  6. Morning Dove
  7. All The Land Glimmered Beneath
  8. Sea As It Glides
  9. I Live Now As A Singer

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