Case, Neko - Wild Creatures (Limited Indies Eco Mix Coloured 2LP Vinyl)


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Neko Case - Wild Creatures (Limited Indies Eco Mix Coloured 2LP Vinyl)**

**Eco mix coloured vinyl vary from each copy, no colour is the same and is random.

With a career spanning over twenty years, she has famously collaborated withThe New Pornographers and Case/Lang/Veirs in addition to releasing many critically acclaimed solo albums, including 'Fox Confessor Brings The Flood', 'Middle Cyclone' and most recently 2018's 'Hell-On'. Gathering power year after year, Neko sings with the fierce abandon of a newborn infant crying in a basket in the woods. Since escaping the labels of country and Americana, the gorgeous train-whistle vocals of her early career sit submerged in her later style, where their ghost can appear any minute. When her voice jumps an octave, it's almost visible, like sparks at night. "I never knew where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do with my voice," she says, "but I just wanted to do it so bad." The Vinyl configurations include: 2 LPs with printed inner sleeves, in a Gate-fold jacket.


  1. I'm An Animal
  2. Lady Pilot
  3. Halls of Sarah
  4. Man
  5. Star Witness
  6. I Wish I Was the Moon
  7. The Next Time You Say "Forever"
  8. Favorite
  9. Hell-On
  10. Hold on, Hold on
  11. Polar Nettles
  12. Wild Creatures
  13. Furnace Room Lullaby
  14. A Widow's Toast
  15. Deep Red Bells
  16. This Tornado Loves You
  17. Winnie
  18. Night Still Comes
  19. Maybe Sparrow
  20. Things That Scare Me
  21. The Tigers Have Spoken
  22. Set Out Running
  23. Oh, Shadowless

Type: Vinyl