Cassius - Dreems (2LP Vinyl)


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Cassius - Dreems (2LP Vinyl)

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release, the fifth and final album from the French duo that consisted of Philippe Zdar and Hubert Boombass. Days before the digital release of the album in June, Zdar died in a tragic accident in Paris.



  1. Summer   
  2. Nothing About You (Featuring John Gourley)
  3. Vedra
  4. Fame
  5. Don't Let Me Be (Featuring Owlle)
  6. Chuffed


  1. Rock Non Stop
  2. Cause Oui! (Featuring Mike D)
  3. Dreams (Featuring Joe Rogers, Luke Jenner, Owlle)
  4. Calliope
  5. W18 (Featuring Vula Malinga)
  6. Walking In The Sunshine

Type: Vinyl