Claudette, Forest - Everything Was Green EP (Vinyl)

Forest Claudette

Forest Claudette - Everything Was Green EP (Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released June 16th.

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Forest says of the EP:

Everything Was Green follows what I feel have been some of the more impactful moments in my life over the past two years. One way of looking at it is that I grew up in green, in the forest. Green represents everything I’ve known, everything that is safe and familiar. 

The EP maps a cycle of thoughts and life that I’ve been experiencing since 2019. Heartbreak, freedom, excess, gratitude, awareness and finally tracing most issues back to systemic injustice. I feel like these themes whirl around my head on a loop near constantly. I go through phases of seeing them everywhere or seeking them out.


Side A:

  1. Two Years 
  2. Mess Around feat. EARTHGANG
  3. Motor in the Sand 

 Side B:

  1. Hi-Vis Teeth 
  2. Pool Boy
  3. Violence

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