Dick Diver - Calendar Days (Green Vinyl)


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Dick Diver - Calendar Days (Green Vinyl)

The sophomore album from Melbourne quartet Dick Diver, “Calendar Days” features saxophones, keyboards, pedal steel and piano throughout. A much more collaborate effort than its predecessor, this album includes songwriting contributions from each member couple with shared vocals all over. 

Calendar Days is the sound of a band growing up and opening up. There's a beguiling, inquisitive eccentricity that runs throughout and combined with a non-flag-wearing but still classic Auzzie-ness it makes for something of a modern classic.


Side A:
  1.    Blue And That
  2.    Alice
  3.    Calendar Days
  4.    Water Damage
  5.    Boys
  6.    The Two Year Lease
Side B:
  1.   Lime Green Shirt
  2.   Gap Life
  3.   Bondi ’98
  4.   Amber
  5.   Languages Of Love

Type: Vinyl