Died Pretty - Free Dirt (Vinyl)


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Died Pretty - Free Dirt (Vinyl)

The debut full-length recording from 1986 by one of Australia's finest bands ever, available again on vinyl for the first time in over 30 years.

Recorded by Rob Younger and featuring the classic Peno/Brunetti/Myers/Welsh/Lock lineup, Free Dirt remains a highlight of post-Birdman Sydney rock 'n roll, mixing Stooges/Velvets-style garage-rock grunt with post-punk sounds gleaned from the likes of Pere Ubu and the Laughing Clowns.


  1. Life To Go (Landsakes)
  2. Just Skin
  3. The 2000 Year Old Murder
  4. Next To Nothing
  5. Blue Sky Day
  6. Round And Round
  7. Wig-Out
  8. Laughing Boy
  9. Through Another Door

Type: Vinyl