DiFranco, Ani - Living In Clip (25th Anniversary Red Smoke Coloured 3LP Vinyl)

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco - Living In Clip (25th Anniversary Red Smoke Coloured 3LP Vinyl)

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If there was ever a record to help you pull through until the next time the Folksinger makes her way to your town, Living In Clip is the one (or three discs). Affectionately named after the state of stage amps about to blow out, the record (originally released in April 1997) is constructed like a show complete with the onstage humor and antics her fans love. The culmination of years of studio work and constant touring, Living In Clip is a tour in itself: nearly two-dozen venues provide the atmosphere for over two hours of music complete with intermission and encore. Recorded straight from the soundboard on an 8 track ADAT, digital videotape and mixed at The Congress House in Austin by Ani and the man behind the monitors, Andrew Gilchrist - Living In Clip is conceptually designed to preserve the authenticity and pulse of a live show.

The set list is massive, consisting of long time favorites and new ones, debuts, orchestras(!), stories, poetry, musings all swirling around in their most natural habitat. Ani's vision for the record selections are "songs that have changed a lot since their first appearance on the studio albums, songs that have mutated into something different...I tried to include songs that I know I'll never fucking play onstage again, ones I've forgotten, and some obscure ones too."

The three-piece touring contingent also hosts Mr. Andy Stochansky on drums and his partner in crime Miss Sara Lee on bass.

There are jazzy folkalicious renditions of "Letter to A John", "Fire Door"," "Diner" and "Anticipate". Amusing and sweet snippets are interwoven throughout the songs and sometimes during them - "Out Of Habit" harbors a little cinematic glimpse into Ani's first days in New York City. This dynamic collection also offers The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra playing on "Both Hands" and "Amazing Grace" at a hockey arena as well as a phenomenal version of "Shy", that was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance - Female (or whatever).



  1. Whatever (Albuquerque, NM)
  2. Wherever Santa Ana, CA)
  3. Gravel (New London, CT)
  4. Willing To Fight (Sacramento, CA)
  5. Shy (Houston, TX)
  6. Joyful Girl (Eugene, OR)
  7. Hide And Seek (Hightstown, NJ)
  8. Napoleon (Northampton, MA)
  9. I'm No Heroine (Berkeley, CA)
  10. Amazing Grace (Buffalo, NY)
  11. Anticipate (Ithaca, NY)


  1. Tiptoe (dunno)
  2. Sorry I Am (New York, NY)
  3. The Slant / The Diner (Atlanta, GA)
  4. 32 Flavors (Boulder, CO)
  5. Out Of Range (Portland, OR)
  6. Untouchable Face (Bloomingon, IL)
  7. Shameless (Portland, OR)
  8. Distracted (San Francisco, CA)
  9. Adam And Eve (New York, NY)
  10. Fire Door (Worcester, MA)


  1. Both Hands (Buffalo, NY)
  2. Out Of Habit (Arcata, CA)
  3. Every State Line (Atlanta, GA)
  4. Not So Soft (New York, NY)
  5. Travel Tips (Spokane, WA)
  6. Wrong With Me (Ithaca, NY)
  7. In Or Out (New York, NY)
  8. We're All Gonna Blow (Victoria, BC)
  9. Letter To A John (San Francisco, CA)
  10. Overlap (New York, NY)

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