Dig: Australian Rock and Pop Music, 1960-85

David Nichols

David Nichols

A comprehensive and highly readable history of the first quarter-century of Australian rock and pop music, this book will appeal to everyone with more than a passing interest in rock ‘n’ roll. Those whose knowledge of Australian rock and pop does not extend far beyond the Easybeats, AC/DC, Little River Band, and Nick Cave will discover a wealth of music beyond those star names; while even those familiar with the work of the Missing Links, Pip Proud, Radio Birdman, and the Moodists will learn much about the scenes and connections that produced these bands and dozens more.

Generously illustrated and meticulously sourced, Dig combines scholarly thoroughness (endnotes, index) with populist flair: Nichols is an unfailingly witty and engaging guide. He surveys the fertile and varied landscape of Australian rock music in seven broad historical chapters, interspersed with shorter chapters on some of the more significant figures of each period. The result is a compelling portrait of a music scene that evolves in dynamic interaction with those in the United States and the U.K., yet always retains a strong sense of its own identity and continues to deliver new stars to a worldwide audience.

Type: Book

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