DJ Koze - Wespennest EP (Vinyl)


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DJ Koze - Wespennest EP (Vinyl)

DJ Koze unveils a spiritual and surprising journey into rapturous spheres with Wespennest EP. The visionary artist and master of electronic sound, presents his first own release after 2018’s global club hit “Pick Up”.

“Candidasa” and “Wespennest” are the result of DJ Kozes inspiring stay in a secluded Benedictine monastery on the enchanting island of Sulawesi. Amidst this idyllic setting, he found the perfect environment to unleash his musical vision. He composed all of the music of “Candidasa” while lying on his stomach, in an act of deepest devotion and self-reflection. In doing so, he fed exclusively on so-called heroin kebabs to immerse himself in a trance-like state of creative flow. The result is a soundscape of unimagined depth and beauty that enchants the senses and transports listeners to another dimension by massively increasing the frequency of flicker fusion.


  1. Wespennest (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
  2. Candidasa

Type: Vinyl