DJ Shadow ‎- Private Press (Vinyl Reissue)


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DJ Shadow ‎- Private Press (Vinyl Reissue)

Re-issue DJ Shadow's landmark album 'The Private Press’, his second album from 2002. This double LP has been printed on 180gm heavyweight vinyl, in a triple gatefold package. It also comes complete with a download code.


  1. Letter from Home
  2. Fixed Income
  3. Un Autre Introduction
  4. Walkie Talkie
  5. Giving Up the Ghost
  6. Six Days
  7. Mongrel
  8. Meets His Maker
  9. Right Thing / G D M F S O B
  10. Monosylabic
  11. Mashin on the Motorway
  12. Blood on the Motorway
  13. You Can't Go Home Again
  14. (Letter from Home)
  15. Monosylabik

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