Drones, The - Here Come The Lies (Limited Coloured Vinyl)

The Drones

The Drones - Here Come The Lies (Limited Coloured Vinyl) (+download code)

Debut album from The Drones was originally released in 2002. This is the 2015 vinyl reissue on 180g yellow coloured vinyl, along with the download card that includes the digital album and a 11 track live album.


  1. The Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands
  2. Dekalb Blues
  3. The Downbound Train
  4. I'd Been Told
  5. New Kind Of Kick
  6. I Walked Across The Dam
  7. Motherless Children
  8. Hell And Haydevils
  9. The Scrap Iron Sky
  10. The island
  11. Six Ways to Sunday
  12. The Country of Love

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Type: Vinyl

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