EM77 Vacuum Jug by Stelton - Black 1 Litre


EM77 Vacuum Jug by Stelton - Black 1 Litre

The Stelton EM77 Vacuum Jug with the unique rocker stopper was created by Erik Magnussen and is one of Stelton's best-selling designs ever. This iconic piece dates back to 1977, but its minimalist design is still relevant today with an ingenious rocker stopper providing seamless functionality and pouring, it can be removed in order to transport liquids to a picnic without spillage. Pair this with an insulated glass interior, and you have one of the most stylish vacuum jugs to date. Comes in a gift box.

Dimensions: Height: 30 cm - Width: 10.5 cm

Type: Vacuum Jug

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