Feist - Let It Die (Clear Vinyl Reissue)


Feist - Let It Die (Clear Vinyl Reissue)

15th Anniversary reissue.

Carefully pieced together around Fiest's seductive voice, LET IT DIE forms the missing link between ye old folk, the Brill building era, doo-wop and minimal modern pop arrangements. It's lack of complication makes this album standout from much of today's musical offerings, a beautiful slick of sonic escapism to illustrate and interrupt the little moments that together tell US stories.


  1. Gatekeeper
  2. Mushaboom
  3. Let It Die
  4. One Evening
  5. Leisure Suite
  6. Lonely Lonely
  7. When I Was A Young Girl
  8. Secret Heart
  9. Inside And Out
  10. Tout Doucement
  11. Now At Last

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Type: Vinyl

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