Felice Brothers, The - From Dreams to Dust (Limited Red & Cream Coloured Vinyl)

The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers - From Dreams to Dust (Limited Red & Cream Coloured Vinyl)

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The Felice Brothers constantly remind us that life’s mysteries are still worth pondering and, in so doing, offer us the blueprint for helping rebuild our lives after they collapse. As James sings in “All the Way Down,” whether we are “the union / Of an ape in an Apron/And a break in the clouds” or “nothing but starlight / All the way down,” we are alive and inhabiting this strange space together. Ian’s poetic final song, “We Shall Live Again,” assures us that even “in this life where any joyful thing / is paid two fold in suffering / we shall live again.” The phrase Dreams to Dust, then, may represent the deterioration of some hopes such as in the case of the two characters in “Inferno” who are consumed by the fires in a “fevered dream” and decaying lives as “some die on the steppes of frozen wasteland” while yet others “OD on the roads to Graceland” in “We Shall Live Again,” but, Dreams to Dust also offers us the sacred ashes with which we might enrich the earth by scattering. That is, the Felice Brothers bequeath us the matter with which we might cultivate life and teach us the words, like chants, that offer the power to heal. 


  1. Jazz on the Autobahn
  2. To-Do List
  3. All the Way Down
  4. Money Talks
  5. Be at Rest
  6. Valium
  7. Inferno
  8. Silverfish
  9. Celebrity X
  10. Land of Yesterdays
  11. Blow Him Apart
  12. We Shall Live Again

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