Fields, Lee - Lets Talk It Over (2LP Vinyl)


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Lee Fields - Lets Talk It Over (Vinyl)

Truth & Soul proudly presents the deluxe re-issue of Lee Fields' "holy grail" album, Let's Talk it Over. This double LP edition augments the original album with bonus tracks from his singles catalogue including "Funky Screw," "We Fought For Survival," "Bewildered," "Meet Me Tonight," "The Bull Is Coming," "Everybody's Gonna Give Their Thing Away" and more. The deluxe re-issue is also repackaged with a new cover and never-before-seen photos of Lee Fields.


LP 1
1. Wanna Dance
2. Let's Talk It Over
3. Mighty Mighty Love
4. Flim Flam
5. She's a Lovemaker
6. You're My Weakness
7. Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away (Part 1)
8. Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away (Part 2)

LP 2
1. Fought For Survival
2. Funky Screw
3. Take Me Back
4. Cutting Out (On Me)
5. Bewildered
6. The Bull is Coming
7. You Been Cutting Out (On Me)

Type: Vinyl