Finn - Finn (Expanded Edition 2LP Vinyl)


Finn - Finn (Expanded Edition 2LP Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released July 29th.

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Released in close collaboration with Tim and Neil, the newly-expanded Finn comes with an entire album The Finn Demos, which gathers together ten songs from 1989's legendary Murchison St sessions, remastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Convening at Neil's new Melbourne apartment with a view to making an album together, Tim and Neil embarked on an intensely productive period, writing several songs that would briefly result in Tim joining Crowded House for the resulting Woodface album.

Assisted by the late Paul Hester on drums, the demos capture a host of songs that would go on to be played in arenas around the world in their newborn state: 'It's Only Natural', 'Catherine Wheels', 'Weather With You', featuring a whole extra verse and the previously unreleased 'Four Stepping in 3/4 Time'.

For this release, long-time fan and collaborator on Neil's 7 Worlds Collide project, Ed O'Brien (Radiohead) contributed liner notes, hymning the album's "heavy" beauty and its "elemental energy." Featuring brand new artwork designed by Needle Mythology's James Gosling, the expanded Finn features newly-unearthed images of Tim and Neil taken by Darryl Ward during the sessions for the album.

For this release, Tim and Neil have also shared the "listening notes" submitted by the brothers' parents - something they would do for every song their sons wrote.


Side A

   1. Only Talking Sense
   2. Eyes Of The World
   3. Mood Swinging Man
   4. Last Day Of June
   5. Suffer Never
   6 Angel's Heap

Side B

   7. Niwhai
   8. Where Is My Soul
   9. Bullets In My Hairdo
   10. Paradise (Wherever You Are)
   11. Kiss The Road Of Rarotonga

Side C

   12. Catherine Wheels (Demo)
   13. Prodigal Son (Demo)
   14. Four-stepping In 3/4 Time (Demo)
   15. There Goes God (Demo)
   16. It's Only Natural (Demo)

Side D

   17. Weather With You (Demo)
   18. Strangeness And Charm (Demo)
   19. Four Seasons In One Day (Demo)
   20. In Love With It All (Demo)
   21. How Will You Go (Demo)

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