Flight Facilities - Forever (2LP Black Vinyl)

Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities - Forever (2LP Black Vinyl)

Unfortunately Universal Music Australia have again delayed the vinyl release, which was set for the end of February. A tentative date in August has been set, however this ETA may change again.

Flight Facilities' sophomore full-length LP FOREVER features the titular single (in collaboration with BROODS), and includes vocal support across the record from Channel Tres, Your Smith, DRAMA, Emma Louise, Jordy Felix and BRUX.

Over five years in the making, Flight Facilities' musical journey has always been an intentional exploration of multiple genres. The duo applied that same explorative ethos to their second record, taking a concerted delve into the previously untouched niches and eras of dance. This deliberation stems from a strive to make the type of music that lasts as long as their creative process appears to take….’forever’.


  1. Lights Up (Featuring Channel Tres)
  2. What I Want (Featuring Broods)
  3. Heavy (Featuring Your Smith)
  4. The Ghost
  5. Altitude
  6. Wait & See (Featuring BRUX)
  7. FOREVER (Featuring Broods)
  8. Move (Featuring DRAMA)
  9. Pain (Featuring Jordy Felix)
  10. Stay (Featuring Your Smith)
  11. If Only (Featuring Emma Louise)

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