Forster, Robert - The Evangelist (Vinyl)


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Robert Forster - The Evangelist (Vinyl)

Originally released in 2008, at the time this was Robert Forster's first album in 11 years, The Evangelist finds the Go-Betweens co-founder as winsome and haunting as ever. Nearly two years after the death of Grant McLennan, his fellow Go-Between and writing partner of 30 years, Forster has produced an album that is both wildly progressive and haunted by the ghost of his artistic soul mate.

"Demon Days," co-written with McLennan shortly before he died, is an all too telling spine tingling journey into oblivion. "Pandanus" and "Did She Overtake You?" are lively juggernauts that delightfully reprise the rhythmic tensions of Spring Hill Fair. "The Evangelist" is a wistful cousin to "He Lives My Life" (from The Friends of Rachel Worth) and "From Ghost Town" is a deeply personal and poignant farewell to a lost brother. Throughout, The Evangelist is a masterpiece of honesty and compassion .


  1. If It Rains
  2. Demon Days
  3. Pandanus
  4. Did She Overtake You
  5. The Evangelist
  6. Let Your Light In, Babe
  7. A Place to Hide Away
  8. Don't Touch Anything
  9. It Ain't Easy
  10. From Ghost Town

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