Fruit : Recipes That Celebrate Nature

Bernadette Worndl

Bernadette Worndl

We often associate fruit in recipes with jams, cakes and desserts - but fruit can be an incredible complement to savory dishes too. Adding blackberries to a duck breast and chard recipe or caramelized pears to a pork and sage recipe can create an amazing dish. This book shows you how to make the most of out the fruit that's in season - whether the dishes are sweet or savory.

The alphabetical arrangement of the recipes by the key fruit used in the dish and the use of a wide array of fruit varieties, supplemented by citrus and dried fruits, make this book a kitchen staple that promises to be used again and again. The more than 120 recipes in the book include Roast pork with apples, Tagliatelle with mushrooms and blackberries and Chicken with balsamic cherries and cauliflower cream.

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