G Flip - About Us (White Vinyl)

G Flip

G Flip - About Us (White Vinyl)

About the album, G says: "I thought about releasing my own album a lot growing up. I would sit in the lounge room holding Dad's record collection in my hands in awe. I was intrigued, I wanted my own. It's a big moment, I'm super stoked to drop my debut. Some of these songs I've had for years and it's time to get them out. I'm excited for this step to be accomplished and to tick it off the list. I'm pretty excited for what's to come next too..."


  1. Lover
  2. I Am Not Afraid
  3. Drink Too Much
  4. Morning
  5. Waking Up Tomorrow
  6. Stupid
  7. Killing My Time
  8. Bring Me Home
  9. About You
  10. 2 Million

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