Gonzalez, Jose - Local Valley (Limited Red Coloured Vinyl)


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Jose Gonzalez - Local Valley (Limited Red Coloured Vinyl)

Local Valley provides a welcome reminder of his understated appeal and his singular ability to communicate discreetly. Beginning with the sun-dappled ‘El Invento’, the first song he’s recorded in Spanish (the native tongue of his Argentinian heritage), and ending with the intimate yet rhapsodic ‘Honey Honey’, it engages in his signature melodic and metrical hypnotism on ‘Head On’ and ‘Tjomme’ and showcases his impressive fingerpicking skills on ‘Valle Local’, while there’s evidence of his love for music from around the world in, among other tracks, ‘Swing’’s Caribbean flavours.


Side A
    1. El Invento
    2. Visions
    3. The Void
    4. Horizons
    5. Head On
    6. Valle Local

Side B
    1. Lasso In
    2. Lilla G
    3. Swing
    4. Tjomme
    5. Line Of Fire
    6. En Stund På Jorden
    7. Honey Honey
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