Gurrumul - Djarimirri (Child Of The Rainbow) Vinyl


Gurrumul - Djarimirri (Child Of The Rainbow) Vinyl

Over four years in the making and completed just weeks before his passing in 2017, 'Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow)' is an astounding achievement of music, presenting traditional songs and harmonised chants from his traditional Yolngu life with dynamic and hypnotic orchestral arrangements in a blend of the highest forms of both his culture and our European orchestral culture.


  1. Waak (Crow) in E-Flat Major
  2. Galiku (Flag) in D-Flat Major
  3. Ngarrpiya (Octopus) in A-Flat Major
  4. Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) in E-Flat Major
  5. Djolin (Musical Instrument) in D Major
  6. Marrayarr (Flag) in F-Sharp Major
  7. Gapu (Freshwater) in D Major
  8. Djilawurr (Scrubfowl) in D Major
  9. Baru (Saltwater Crocodile) in E-Flat Major
  10. Gopuru (Tuna Swimming) in B-Flat Major
  11. Djapana (Sunset) in A-Flat Major
  12. Wulminda (Dark Clouds) in E-Flat Major

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