Harrison, Jerry - Red & The Black (Red & Black 2023 RSD Vinyl)


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Jerry Harrison - Red & The Black (Red & Black 2023 RSD Vinyl)

With his 1981 solo debut album The Red and the Black, Jerry Harrison proves his formidable talent as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Dense, abrasive and focused, The Red and the Black’s complex and funky musical style was ahead of its time. Harrison’s observations throughout the album on the modern condition ring all the more true in our digital age.


LP 1

    A1. Things Fall Apart
    A2. Slink
    A3. the New Adventure
    A4. Magic Hymie
    B1. Fast Karma/no Questions [
    B2. Worlds in Collison [
    B3. the Red Nights
    B4. No More Reruns
    B5. No Warning, No Alarm

LP 2

    C1. Things Fall Apart (Instrumental Mix)
    C2. Slink (Instrumental Mix)
    C3. Fast Karma/no Questions (Instrumental Mix)
    D1. Magic Hymie (Instrumental Mix) [
    D2. No More Reruns (Instrumental Mix)
    D3. Worlds in Collison (Instrumental Mix)
    D4. the Red Nights (Instrumental Mix)

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