Herbert - Bodily Functions (Limited Edition Coloured 3LP Vinyl)


Herbert - Bodily Functions  (Limited Edition Coloured 3LP Vinyl)

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Since redefining the funk as Dr Rockit with his seminal releases for Clear, Matthew Herbert has continually pushed boundaries and amazed listeners with his inimitable brand of natural electronic mischief. Following the recent ‘Hear Me Now’ single comes a new album full of wonder and magic. From the opening ‘It’s only’ you just know that this has the makings of a classic record. Herbert has managed the unthinkable, he has revitalised the tired, highly diluted genre of House by making an album of unfashionable real House music with a huge slice of jazz. Uplifting, danceable, balearic, soulful!

The beauty of this album lies in part with Dani Siciliano’s sultry voice, heart-melting vocals that are powerful enough to make your heart weep with their simplicity. The charming, delirious joyfulness on display is substantiated by some surprising elements though; Matmos are on hand with laser-treatment samples, and there are plenty of acoustic subtleties on offer. A plethora of jazz-wise moments, a la Herbie Hancock circa ‘Maiden Voyage’, coupled with restrained digital malfunctions imbue these songs with originality, originality that Herbert is famed for.

The shining moment of the LP comes in the form of ‘I Miss You’, a brutally simple, epic of a song that evokes the deepest of emotions with simple lyrics such as ‘It’s so hard without you’, and ‘You’re so hard to remember, it’s not the same now....I miss you’. The painful simplicity of this album is juxtaposed with the kind of technical wizardry that would have Atom Heart sobbing into a Sangria. If you require a record of soul, honesty and integrity for your summer, this is it. The public face of genius.



  1. It's Only
  2. Foreign Bodies
  3. Suddenly
  4. Leave Me Now


  1. I Know
  2. The Last Beat
  3. You're Unknown To Me
  4. You Saw It All
  5. Addiction


  1. On Reflection
  2. I Miss You
  3. The Audience
  4. About This Time Each Day
  5. It's Only A Reprise

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