Herbert - Musca (Limited Edition Yellow 2LP Vinyl)


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Herbert - Musca (Limited Edition Yellow 2LP Vinyl)

Musca is the next in the series of domestic house albums to follow the groundbreaking LP classics  Around The House (1998), and Bodily Functions (2001).

2021 is proving to be a bumper year for Herbert fans who can also look forward to a package of very special 12” remixes later this summer and the premiere of 10-years-in-the-making-documentary, Symphony of Noise, about his work with sound.

After the wide expanse of his last big band album The State Between Us made with more than 1000 musicians and singers across Europe, this album instead is inward looking. Born of both intimacy and collaboration, features eight singers, Verushka, Siân Roseanna, Allie Armstrong,  Bianca Rose, Melissa Uye-Parker, Daisy Godfrey, Y’akoto and Joy Morgan - all of whom Matthew has never worked with before or met face to face. It also features musicians Nick Ramm, Tom Herbert, Tom Skinner, Finn Peters, Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian and Leo Taylor, who, like the singers, all self-recorded and in isolation from each other.

Matthew says: “Like presumably many other albums made during the last year, Musca reflects on navigating the challenges and joys of our most intimate relationships whilst the world is in turmoil. Not just with Covid, but with the rise in state and political violence, facebook-friendly fascism, white supremacy and a climate in crisis.”



  1. Two Doors featuring Joy Morgan
  2. Hypnotised featuring Mel Uye-Parker
  3. Might As Well Be Magical featuring Allie Armstrong
  4. Chain Reaction featuring Bianca Rose
  5. Fantasy featuring Verushka
  6. The Impossible featuring allie Armstrong
  7. Unrestorable featuring Siân Roseanna


  1. Tell Me A Secret featuring Siân Roseanna
  2. The Slip
  3. The Horror featuring Allie Armstrong
  4. The Way featuring Y’akoto
  5. Be Young featuring Daisy Godfrey
  6. Gold Dust featuring Bianca Rose
  7. Let Me Sleep featuring Bianca Rose

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