Isle of Dogs Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)

2018's must see stop-motion animated comedy film is 'Isle of Dogs' written, produced and directed by Wes Anderson.


  1. Shinto Shrine
  2. Taiko Drumming (written and performed by Kaoru Watanabe)
  3. The Municipal Dome
  4. Six Months Later + Dog Fight
  5. The Hero Pack
  6. First Crash-Landing
  7. Kanbei & Katsushiro – Kikuchiyo's Mambo (from Seven Samurai) (written by Fumio Hayasaka, performed by Toho Symphony Orchestra)
  8. Second Crash-Landing + Bath House + Beach Attack
  9. Nutmeg
  10. Kosame No Oka (from Drunken Angel) (written by Hachirō Satō and Ryōichi Hattori, performed by David Mansfield)
  11. I Won't Hurt You (written by Michael Lloyd, Shaun Harris and Bob Markley, performed by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)
  12. Toshiro
  13. Jupiter and Oracle + Aboriginal Dogs
  14. Sushi Scene
  15. Midnight Sleighride (from Lieutenant Kijé Suite) (written by Sergei Prokofiev, performed by Sauter-Finegan Orchestra)
  16. Pagoda Slide
  17. First Bath of a Stray Dog
  18. TV Drumming (written and performed by Watanabe)
  19. Kobayashi Canine-Testing Laboratory
  20. Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy (written by Seiichi Ida and Tasuku Sano, performed by Teruko Akatsuki)
  21. Re-Election Night, Parts 1-3
  22. End Titles

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