J-Live - All Of The Above (Blue Vinyl)


J-Live - All Of The Above (Blue Vinyl)

Double blue colored vinyl LP pressing. All of the Above is the second studio album by hip hop artist J-Live. It was originally released on Coup d'État in 2002. The album cover pays homage to John Coltrane's Blue Train.


  1. First Things First
  2. How Real It Is
  3. Satisfied?
  4. Interlude (I'm a Rapper)
  5. McEe
  6. Like This Anna
  7. One for the Griot
  8. Stir of Echoes
  9. Interlude 2 (For the Babies)
  10. Do That $#!%
  11. All in Together Now
  12. Nights Like This
  13. The 4th 3rd
  14. Travelling Music
  15. A Charmed Life
  16. All of the Above
  17. Interlude 3 (Whatever)
  18. Happy Belated

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