John, Elton - Live In Australia With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (2LP Vinyl)


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Elton John - Live In Australia With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (180g 2LP Vinyl)

Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, released in 1987, is the twenty-sixth official album release for Elton John. It is a live album recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 14 December 1986 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The concert was the last of a series of concerts done throughout the last two months of 1986, which were part of John's Tour de Force (tour) of Australia and New Zealand. John's band was essentially the lineup used on Leather Jackets, which he was touring behind at the time, including Jody Linscott and special guest Ray Cooper, both of whom played percussion. This concert was the last to feature Elton's legendary stage costumes, which he had featured in his shows since the early 1970s. It was also his last show before undergoing throat surgery in January 1987. Despite being completely successful, the surgery prevented Elton from singing at all for several months and from touring for 18 months. The surgery also permanently reduced his range from tenor to baritone.



  1. Sixty Years On
  2. I Need You to Turn To
  3. The Greatest Discovery
  4. Tonight
  5. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
  6. The King Must Die
  7. Take Me to the Pilot
  8. Tiny Dancer


  1. Have Mercy On the Criminal
  2. Madman Across the Water
  3. Candle in the Wind
  4. Burn Down the Mission
  5. Your Song
  6. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

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