Kelly, Paul - Live, May 1992 (Vinyl)

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly - Live : May 1992 (Vinyl)

Live, May 1992, recorded during two shows in his homeland of Australia (Perth and Melbourne), is simply Paul Kelly centre stage for nearly an hour and a half with just his voice, guitar, harmonica, and songs. In the studio, his band, the Messengers/Coloured Girls, were able to fill in the missing pieces and accentuate every little hook in Kelly's music, fleshing out his simple guitar and vocal. But because of the depth of the writing, his vignettes of life, love, and the underbelly of both have plenty of power on their own. And quite often he's actually able to use the limitations of a solo performance to his advantage, peeling away the veneer to the point where the words and melody are all that really matter. Tracks such as the stark and longing "Wintercoat," the Raymond Carver-inspired "Everything's Turning to White," and "From Little Things Big Things Grow"'s story of quiet rebellion actually gain from the stripped-down setting.


  1. Foggy Highway
  2. To Her Door
  3. Wintercoat
  4. Taught By Experts
  5. From Little Things Big Things Grow (Kev Carmody)
  6. I Can't Believe We Were Married
  7. Until Death Do Them Part
  8. Same Old Walk
  9. Don't Explain
  10. Stupid Song
  11. Brand New Ways
  12. Everything's Turning To White
  13. Dumb Things
  14. Just Like Animals
  15. Keep It To Yourself
  16. Won't Be Your Dog Anymore
  17. I Was Hoping You'd Say That
  18. Careless
  19. Invisible Me
  20. When I First Met Your Ma
  21. Most Wanted Man

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