Kelly, Paul - Nothing But A Dream (Vinyl)

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly - Nothing But A Dream (Vinyl)

2018 vinyl reissue.

His first solo work since 1998's Words And Music, Nothing But A Dream.

From the wonderfully eclectic Professor Ratbaggy and Uncle Bill records and the hugely successful Roll On Summer EP, Paul Kelly returned in 2001 with his 9th studio album, Nothing But A Dream, lead by the classic single, Somewhere In The City, and featuring Would You Be My Friend?

With trademark backing by Nick Cave's right-hand man Mick Harvey, and the acoustic ballad of a homeless man in Smoke Under the Bridge.


  1. If I Could Start Today Again
  2. Change Your Mind
  3. Midnight Rain
  4. I Close My Eyes and Think of You
  5. Somewhere In the City
  6. Just About to Break
  7. Love Is the Law
  8. The Pretty Place
  9. I Wasted Time
  10. Would You Be My Friend
  11. Smoke Under the Bridge

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