Kelly & The Messengers, Paul - Comedy (Vinyl)

Paul Kelly & The Messengers

Paul Kelly & The Messengers - Comedy (Vinyl)

2017, 2LP vinyl reissue.


  1. Don't Start Me Talking
  2. Stories Of Me
  3. Winter Coat
  4. It's All Downhill From Here
  5. Leaving Her For The Last Time
  6. Brighter
  7. Your Little Sister (Is A Big Girl Now)
  8. I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore
  9. Take Your Time
  10. Sydney From A 727
  11. Buffalo Ballet
  12. I Can't Believe We Were Married
  13. From Little Things Big Things Grow
  14. Blue Stranger
  15. Keep It To Yourself
  16. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed
  17. Invisible Me
  18. Little Boy Don't Lose Your Balls

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