Kelly With Uncle Bill, Paul - Smoke (Vinyl)

Paul Kelly, Uncle Bill

Paul Kelly With Uncle Bill - Smoke (Vinyl)

Smoke is an 1999 album by Paul Kelly and Melbourne bluegrass band, Uncle Bill, which was composed of Gerry Hale on guitar, dobro, mandolin, fiddle and vocals, Adam Gare on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, Peter Somerville on banjo and vocals and Stuart Speed on double bass.

The album featured a mix of old and new Kelly songs treated in classic bluegrass fashion. A rich batch of story songs - "Our Sunshine" for example draws upon the story of Ned Kelly's life, in particular the 1991 book by Robert Drewe, Our Sunshine and Ned Kelly: A Short History by Ian Jones.


  1. Our Sunshine
  2. You Can't Take It With You
  3. Until Death Do Us Part
  4. I Can't Believe We Were Married
  5. I Don't Remember A Thing
  6. Teach Me Tonight
  7. Sydney From A 747
  8. Night After Night
  9. Whistling Bird
  10. Stories Of Me
  11. Taught By Experts
  12. Gathering Storm
  13. Shy Before You Lord

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