Lemonheads, The - The Lemonheads (Limited Yellow, Green Black Blob Coloured Vinyl)


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The Lemonheads - The Lemonheads (Limited Yellow, Green Black Blob Coloured Vinyl)

Ten years after The Lemonheads released Car Button Cloth in 1996, the group signed to Vagrant Records with a new lineup comprised of original member Evan Dando, bassist Karl Alvarez (Descendents, ALL) and drummer/producer Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Descendents, ALL). Vagrant's founder Rich Egan explained, "Nobody writes like Evan Dando, nobody sings like him."

In a remote Rocky Mountain hideaway, over the course of eighteen months, Dando, Alvarez and Stevenson created the first entry in the Lemonheads repertoire in a decade, with contributions from Josh Lattanzi on bass, The Band's Garth Hudson on keyboards and Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis on guitar.

In an interview at the time of the album's 1996 release, Dando described the sound as "Louder, faster, more like Buzzcocks pop-punk-and way less introspective. We've got some psyched-out country on there as well. But all of it is squarely in The Lemonheads tradition."


  1. Black Gown
  2. Become the Enemy
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Let's Just Laugh
  5. Poughkeepsie
  6. Rule of Three
  7. No Backbone
  8. Baby's Home
  9. In Passing
  10. Steve's Boy
  11. December

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